Colorance Demi Color 5RV Cool Tulip 60g / 2.1oz





Discontinued Color

Limited quantity!

Goldwell Colorance Demi Color 5RV Cool Tulip 

Demi-permanent hair color crème without ammonia.

pH-balanced formula with Intra Lipid color and repair your hair at the same time. Regenerate up to 70% lost lipid.

Up to 90 % more shine on virgin hair. 30% smoother and softer on damaged hair. Leaves hair healthy and strong with vibrant and shiny color.



·         pH-balanced formula with Intra Lipid

·         Refresh colored bases

·         Enhance natural color

·         Economical 1:2 mixing ratio

·         Up to 50% grey coverage

·         Last up to 6 weeks



1.     Mix 1 part Colorance Acid Color with 2 part Colorance Acid Color Lotion

2.     Mix well

3.     Apply to clean damp hair evenly

4.     Develop for 5-25 minutes based on desired color intensity

5.     Rinse thoroughly with warm water

6.     Style as desired

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