Hair Accessories Styling Kit



Hair Accessories Styling Kit

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Product description

Babyliss Hair accessories styling kit

Compact and convenient separate sealable compartments. Durable case with snap closure keeps contents secure and can be re-stocked!


  • 30 x 2" (5cm) Black Bobby Pins
  • 30 x 2" (5cm) Bronze Bobby Pins
  • 30 x 2" (5cm) Silver Bobby Pins
  • 10 x 3" (7,6cm) Black Hair Pins
  • 30 x 2" (5cm) Black Hair Pins
  • 30 x 2" (5cm) Bronze Hair Pins
  • 4 x Metal Sectioning Clips
  • 1 x Brown Hair Net
  • 1 x Blonde Hair Net
  • 4 x Black Elastics
  • 15 x Mini Clear Elastics
  • 15 x Mini Black Elastics


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