Igora Royal 8-0 Light Blonde Natural



Igora Royal 8-0 Light Blonde Natural

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Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 8-0 Light Blonde Natural

Discover Igora Royal 8-0 Light Blonde Natural, a professional hair coloring product that offers stunning, natural-looking results. With its medium intensity and excellent white coverage, this long-lasting shade enhances luminosity and provides a radiant, healthy look. Trusted by salon experts, Igora Royal offers versatility and can be mixed for custom blends. Nourish and protect your hair with its conditioning formula.


  • Color Shade: 8-0 Light Blonde Natural. The 8-0 provides a balanced and authentic light blonde color without any strong undertones.
  • 100% White Coverage.
  • Weight: 60g / 2.1oz
  • The IGORA ROYAL High Definition Technology: utilizes a high-definition color pigment matrix for the clearest tone direction.
  • Long-lasting results: Igora Royal is known for its superior staying power. The 8-0 shade is formulated to provide long-lasting results, allowing you to enjoy your light blonde hair color for an extended period without significant fading.
  • Luminosity: The Igora Royal 8-0 Light Blonde Natural imparts a beautiful luminosity to the hair. It enhances the natural shine and reflects light, giving your hair a radiant and healthy look.
  • Gentle on hair: Despite being a color product, Igora Royal 8-0 Light Blonde Natural is designed to be gentle on the hair. It contains conditioning agents that help to nourish and protect the hair during the coloring process, leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Mixability: Igora Royal 8-0 can be mixed with other Igora Royal shades to create custom color blends or to adjust the intensity. It provides flexibility to hairstylists to achieve the desired shade tailored to their clients' preferences.
  • Eco-friendly: Tube – 100% recycled aluminum; cap – 80% recycled plastic, folding box – min. 96% sugarcane paper. 

Where can I find Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Color Chart in-store near me?

Are you curious about exploring a wide range of colors and finding your ideal shade? Our experts are here to assist you. Come and check out the IGORA Royal color chart or swatch book at our store located at 623 Yonge St, Toronto. Let's discover the perfect color for you!

Where can I buy the IGORA Royal Color Chart for my salon?

Are you searching for the IGORA Royal Color Chart for your salon? Do you want to offer your clients a wide range of vibrant color options? You can easily get the IGORA Swatch Book either in-store at Cosmetic World or order it conveniently through our website. Enjoy fast and efficient shipping to make your salon experience even better!

*PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. The sale and use of this product is intended for licensed professionals only. Cosmetic World will not be held responsible by anyone who buys and/or uses this product. It is essential to follow the instructions provided with the product. Chemical products may cause allergic reactions, which in rare instances can be severe. Conduct sensitivity and allergic patch test 48 hours prior to each application. These products must not be used on eyelashes or eyebrows.

Customer Reviews

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Great service, friendly and professional

Sophia K.
Classic Blonde

I'm a fan of the classic blonde color from Igora Royal 8-0. It's timeless and always looks good.

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