Premium Hair Therapy - Speed Recovery System

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Premium Hair Therapy - Speed Recovery System

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Product description

Introducing Infanta's Premium Hair Therapy - Speed Recovery System! Formulated with advanced technology, this hair care system is designed to provide soft, silky hair in a short amount of time. Its unique blend of cationic ingredients, botanical extracts, and amino acids help to revitalize damaged hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy and strong.

Infanta's Speed Recovery System contains key ingredients like arginine and lysine, which play an important role in maintaining healthy hair growth. The addition of Beta-glucan and oligosaccharides extracted from oats, as well as milk protein, help to protect hair from damage and provide a protective barrier for the cuticle layers.


Formulated with cationic ingredient which is to adsorb strongly to hair is designed to provide soft and silky hair with a short time. It uses botanical ingredients with chamomile helps to make hair appear shiny by coating the hair and improve the touch of hair

Amino acids contained in an embryo bud of rice

The phosphates and linoleic adds in embryo bud of rice strengthen the damaged cystein bond to maintain the straight effect of hair without hair-snap after treatment. And embryo bud of rice has the excellent skin sedation effect to maintain healthy scalp and follicle, promote the growth of hair, and provide the nutrients to hair by its vitamine A and E.

Hair amino acids ingredients like arginine and lysine

Among 18 kinds of amino acids contained in hair, arginine(9.69,6) and lysine(3.6%) are important substances for hair. These substances play an important role for hair growing healthy by strengthening of hair tissue binding, INFANTA series contain these lysine and arginine extracted from human hair to make elastic and soft hair,

Hair binding ingredients, Beta-glucan and oligosaccharides extracted from an oat

Materials of hair connective tissue, Oligosaccharides and immune molecule, beta-glucan penetratt into hair to protect the outflow of hair constituents after washing and finishing operation and the cuticle damage by outer stimulus or impact. Especially, it strengthens the hair tissues in damaged hair to enhance its density so that it gives more elastic and strengthening effects to hair compared to general hair-straightening cream which could not fill up the space of damaged part of hair,

Milk Protein

When straightening hair with existing formulas, their softeners usually dive rise to hair damage, making cuticle layers lifted. However, infanta Series contain milk protein based-adhesive substances that bring damaged cuticle layers together and cling to the damaged parts to protect cuticle layers. As a result, after straightening, you will find your hair much softer than it is when you use other products.


Generally After shampooing, apply 1 bottle of INFANTA Speed Recovery System to pat dry hair with towel and work through to ends. Leave on for 30 seconds and rinse.

After performing perm: Rinse neutralizer on hair thoroughly, and use as same as the general usage. We mentioned damaged or harmed degree with improper use ignoring instruction.


  • Please do not use on the areas infected by wounds, eczema, dermatitis etc., or it could result in some undesirable reactions.
  • If red-spot, itch, swelling, irritation to occur on your skin while using and after using it, stop using and consult a doctor
  • If any inflammatory symptoms like eruptions, rashes, burns, itching, blisters or irritation occur on scalp face, neck, eyes or elsewhere near treatment due to its careless use, do not rub its area with hands or others and see a dermatologist immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children, it may result in fatal damage if it is swallowed or get into eyes
  • If eating this product by using carelessly, please don't get a self-healing but consult a doctor
  • Do not use someone has had over reaction or allergy reaction on hair treatment products.
  • Do not use it may cause serious irritation and inflammation in case this product reaches to wounded or tumor part on scalp, face, neck or hand or elsewhere.
  • Anyone who has an idiosyncrasy or has had a dermatitis disease should not use it.


  • Please read the attached instructions and pre-caution carefully before use.
  • This product, which is for hair treatment to give nourishment, imparts a beneficial moisturizing and conditioning effect to damaged hair. Please do not apply it for other LICE'S or purposes. (Do not use face, body and others;
  • If the product remains in your hair, it may cause scalp irritation, hair damaged. Please wash your hair thoroughly with warm water after achieving your purpose.


  • This product is for professional use only
  • Please perform heat treatment or leave hair naturally after application
  • Please close cap after using. Keep it in a cool and dry place, avoiding places of high temperature or direct sun.
  • Please take off earrings, necklace glasses, watches and other such items before application


Ester parahydroxybenzoate Imidazolidinyl urea, Green No.4, Yellow No.3


Net Weight: 20g/ 0.7 FL OZ I X 4ea

Package Container Glass, Cap Aluminum

Made in South Korea

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