Kiss Me Coloring Eyebrow No. 5



Kiss Me Coloring Eyebrow No. 5

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Product description

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow No. 5 - Light Brown

Creates naturally fluffy eyebrows that match your hair color The liquid clings tightly to the eyebrows without coloring the skin. A natural brown color added to suit dark brown or black hair This film-type eyebrow mascara gives intense color in one stroke! A single quick application can produce great coloration, additional coat for even more intense color Technical brush avoid coloration of skin Long-lasting, and removes effortlessly with warm water. Resistant to perspiration, water, oils, and rubbing. Prevents smudging for a long time. Easily removed with any normal cleanser

Features and Benefits

  • Leaves the eyelashes glossy and flexible
  • Glamorous-looking eyes that provides vivid eyebrow color to accentuate the face.
  • This film-type eyebrow mascara gives intense color in one stroke

How To Use

1. Apply the formula to your brows, from the highest arch to the front, in the opposite direction of your brow’s growth

2. Gently swipe the brush from the front the front of the brow to the tail end to spread the formula evenly.

How To Cleanse

1. To remove the formula only, soak the formula-applied area in warm water (approx. 38℃) before cleansing.

2. To remove the formula blended with other waterproof items, use the appropriate cleansing items.

TIP. Before drying out, apply a thin layer of the formula additionally to make your brows look more defined and glamorous.


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