Kiss Me Volume Control Mascara & Watering Eyelash Serum Set



Kiss Me Volume Control Mascara & Watering Eyelash Serum Set

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Product description

Heroine Make SP Heroine Make Volume Control Mascara  (01 Black) and a Make Watering Eyelash Serum 

Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume Control Mascara Jet Black is an innovative mascara applier that allows you to control the quantity of mascara by twisting a dial every time you apply it to your eyelashes. 

Features and Benefits of  Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume Control Mascara

  • You can choose the quantity of mascara from Natural, Volume, and Full Volume. 
  • It keeps a strong curl all day long (according to company's research, differs from each person).
  • It doesn't smudge with sweat, sebum and water. 
  • You can easily wash off with warm water. 
  • Beauty serum like camellia, royal jelly, argan, and rose hip oil are blended.

How to use Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume Control Mascara

Twist the dial to your preference and apply. You can wash it off with warm water (about 40 degree) as you gently pinch the eyelashes. 


  • Color Variations: Jet Black / ERROR
  • Contents: 5g
  • Made in Japan


Make Watering Eyelash Serum

  • A gentle quick-drying serum for the eyelashes. The oil-free formula can be used on top of eyelash extensions. Contains ten kinds of eyelashes serum ingredients to thoroughly treat damaged lashes.The soft-feeling easy-to-apply brush allows for proper care down to the roots of lashes. Free of surfactants silicone mineral oil added fragrance coloring or oil.

Features and Benefits of Make Watering Eyelash Serum

  • Oil free and dense eye essence.


  • Quick dry with no fragrance and color.


  • Perfect Morning and night-time eye care for healthier and longer eyelashes.


  • 10 kind of beauty ingredients contained.


How to use Make Watering Eyelash Serum

  • In the morning or night time, apply to clean eyelashes.


  • Apply the eyelash serum from the roots to tips of eyelash.


  • Please avoid direct contact with eyes.


  • After use, wipe off the tip of eyelash serum with clean tissue and close the cap.



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