Koyaguchi Silk Pore cleansing pad





This cleansing pad is made with silk processed at Kouyasan/Koyaguchi hill, world heritage nominated area located in Wakayama Prefecture. Highest quality 100% silk threads pile-weaving technique, skin-friendly, soft skin-texture. Utilizes a Japanese traditional old manufacturing method.

Silk fibers section-triangular shape help remove facial skin excess sebum. Consistent usage leads to radiant and smooth skin.

The silk material compliments your skin and also with its natural moisturizing sericin compound,nourishes your skin leading to a opulent glow.


  1. Soak the puff in water or lukewarm water,squeeze it briefly.
  2. Apply your favorite facial cleansing product on the puff.
  3. Care-Cleanse from chin area,nose areas and then face areas.You can use puff lateral side for more detailed areas care.

- This was not designed for foam-making bubbles

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