Pro Longer Shampoo



100ml / 3.4oz 300ml / 10.1oz 500ml / 16.9oz 1500ml / 50.7oz


Pro Longer Shampoo


100ml / 3.4oz 300ml / 10.1oz 500ml / 16.9oz 1500ml / 50.7oz
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Product description

L'Oreal Pro Longer Shampoo

Revitalize your hair with L'Oreal Pro Longer Shampoo, a length-renewing formula designed to strengthen and cleanse, leaving your locks revitalized and touchably soft. With its innovative Co-emulsion Technology, this shampoo adapts to all hair types, providing the care and nourishment your hair deserves.

Benefits & Features

  • Length Renewal: Instantly strengthen and renew long hair with each use.
  • Gentle Cleanse: Enjoy a gentle cleanse that leaves your hair with added shine and strength.
  • Hair Repair: Experience a remarkable 94% reduction in hair breakage and a 17% decrease in split ends.
  • Enhanced Shine: Achieve hair that's 5 times shinier, giving you that salon-quality glow.
  • Co-emulsion Technology: Unlike ordinary shampoos, our formula utilizes advanced Co-emulsion Technology to provide tailored care for all hair types.
  • Proven Results: With consistent use, witness noticeable improvements in hair length, strength, and overall health.
  • Trusted Brand: L'Oreal, a renowned name in beauty, ensures quality and reliability with every product.

Renew Your Hair's Length and Strength

If you're struggling with long hair that's prone to breakage and split ends, L'Oreal Pro Longer Shampoo offers the solution you've been searching for. Whether you're dealing with thinning ends or simply want to maintain your hair's length and vitality, our shampoo provides the care and nourishment needed for beautiful, healthy locks.


  • Sizes Available: Choose from 100ml / 3.4oz, 300ml / 10.1oz, 500ml / 16.9oz, or 1500ml / 50.7oz bottles to suit your needs.

Elevate your hair care routine with L'Oreal Pro Longer Shampoo and rediscover the joy of healthy, vibrant hair. Treat yourself to the ultimate hair care experience today!


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