Pure Resource Shampoo


Clarifying shampoo



L'Oreal Pure Resource Shampoo

Oil purifying shampoo with Citramine, purifying agent for a clean scalp.

Deeply cleanse build-up and unwanted lipid on hair.

Restore long-lasting luster and manageability.

Give you back the radiance you always look for.

Lift residue on your hair and scalp from pollution, hard water and externalities.

Multi-tasking shampoo that protect, nourish and, most importantly, clean your hair and scalp.

Perfect for all hair types, especially greasy hair.

Anti-oxidant Vitamin E refreshing your hair and prevent itchiness.


  • Remove build-ups, hair products, unwanted oil
  • Refreshing scalp with Citramine
  • Prevent itchiness with Vitamin E
  • Kicks out hard water residue
  • Deodorize with fresh citrus scent


  1. Wet hair thoroughly
  2. Apply and lather
  3. Rinse thoroughly

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