Majirel 5.8/5M Light Brown Mocha 50ml





Majirel, the legendary professional hair colour. Absolute vibrant colours with a wide palette of rich colours. Grey hair are 100% covered and left silky. Ionène G™ and Incell™ advanced technologies reach all 3 levels of the hair to treat the entirety of the hair fibre. 1.7oz/48G(50ml)

The highly advanced Majirel technology restores and protects the natural hair fibre from the core to the surface, providing superior conditioning and all–over shine. 

Mixed to various depths and intensities, Majirel provides long­lasting colour that cares. For full head or partial colouring, from blondes to natural colours and vibrant, fashionable shades. 

Enriched with Incell™ and Ionène G™, the formula helps strengthen and re-inforce the hair fibre. Hair feels stronger, and is left looking glossy and feeling soft and supple to the touch. 


This exclusive conditioning polymer restores, protects, and continuously conditions the hair.


This multi-dimensional ceramide strengthens natural cohesion of the hair for continued long-lasting conditioning results




·         Enriched with Incell™ and Ionène G™ advanced technologies 

·         Penetrate all 3 levels of the hair to treat the entirety of the hair fiber 

·         Rich, natural-looking, uniform results 

·         Core to surface conditioning 

·         Long-lasting colour with superior resistance to fading 

·         Smooth and creamy texture for easy mix and application 

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