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Total Results Repair Shampoo

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Product description

Matrix Total Results Repair Shampoo 300ml / 10.1oz

Introducing Matrix Total Results Repair Shampoo, the perfect solution for distressed or damaged hair. This high foaming formula is designed to cleanse, repair, and boost strength and shine. The shampoo is formulated with Cuticle Rebound Technology, which targets damaged areas to restore hair and resurface the cuticle. This shampoo is perfect for anyone looking to repair and restore their hair to a healthy, shiny state. With Matrix Total Results Repair Shampoo, you can have hair that is strong, shiny, and resilient.

Features & Benefits

  • Repair and restore: Formulated to repair and restore damaged or distressed hair, leaving it looking healthy and shiny
  • High foaming formula: This shampoo has a high foaming formula that effectively cleanses hair while strengthening and restoring it.
  • Cuticle Rebound Technology: targets damaged areas to restore hair and resurface the cuticle.
  • Strengthening: This shampoo helps to strengthen hair and make it less prone to breakage.
  • Safe for color-treated hair: Formulated to be gentle on color treated hair, without compromising on performance.
  • Hair resurfacing: Helps to resurface the cuticle and restore hair's natural smoothness and shine.
  • Damage repair: Target damaged areas and repair them to restore hair to its healthy state.
  • Hair restoring: This shampoo is formulated to restore hair to its natural healthy state, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed.


Apply, lather and rinse. Follow with conditioner.

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