Freezing Finishing Spray 365ml / 11oz



Freezing Finishing Spray 365ml / 11oz

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Product description

Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray

Achieve the ultimate hairstyle that lasts all day with Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray. This extra-firm, fast-drying hairspray is designed to instantly lock in volume, texture, and lift, giving your hair a frozen look with a firm hold that stays put.

With Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray, you can confidently rock any hairstyle, knowing it will stay in place. Whether you're aiming for a glamorous updo, a voluminous blowout, or a textured hairstyle, this hairspray provides the strength and hold you need for your desired look.

Not only does this freezing finishing spray offer an exceptional hold, but it also provides a range of additional benefits. It offers UV protection, shielding your hair from the damaging effects of the sun. With 24-hour humidity resistance, you can say goodbye to frizz and flyaways, even in the most challenging weather conditions. This hairspray ensures your hair maintains its bounce and hold, no matter the humidity levels, thanks to its impressive 24-hour bounce back hold even in 97% humidity.

Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray is your ultimate styling ally, giving you the power to create stunning hairstyles that withstand the test of time. Its strong hold ensures your hair stays in place, while its versatile formula allows for easy styling and touch-ups throughout the day.

Experience the confidence of a hairstyle that lasts from morning to night with Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray. Elevate your styling routine and enjoy the benefits of a firm hold, UV protection, humidity resistance, and frizz-fighting properties. Take control of your hair's destiny and unlock the potential for flawless, long-lasting hairstyles.


  • Extra-Firm Hold: Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray provides an extra-firm hold that locks in your hairstyle instantly. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your hair will stay in place throughout the day, no matter the style you choose.

  • Fast-Drying Formula: The fast-drying formula of this hairspray ensures quick application and sets your style in no time. Say goodbye to waiting around for your hair to dry and hello to a time-efficient styling experience.

  • UV Protection: This finishing spray offers UV protection, safeguarding your hair from the damaging effects of the sun's rays. Protect your hair's health and color vibrancy with every use.

  • 24-Hour Humidity Resistance: No need to worry about frizz or unruly hair in humid conditions. Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Spray provides 24-hour humidity resistance, keeping your style intact and frizz-free, even in challenging weather conditions.

  • 24-Hour Frizz Fighting and Bounce Back Hold: Enjoy 24-hour frizz-fighting power and a bounce back hold that keeps your hair looking fresh and full of life. This hairspray ensures your style maintains its shape and bounce, even after a long day.

How to use?

Shake well. Hold 8-12 inches from hair. Spray lightly for soft hold, more for firmer hold. For maximum volume, lift hair and spray close to roots.


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