Molding Mud 75g / 2oz



Molding Mud 75g / 2oz

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Product description

Sebastian Molding Mud

Introducing Sebastian Remold Fiber Sculptor, the ultimate solution for achieving the perfect short hair look. With its high hold and low shine formula, this versatile styling product is ideal for keeping up with modern hair trends. Whether you're going for a natural-looking messy style or a slick, shiny wet look, Remold Fiber Sculptor has got you covered.

Featuring a subtle matte finish, this molding mud effortlessly creates texture and definition, allowing you to craft a variety of short hair styles with ease. Its strength and flexibility make it suitable for any desired look, ensuring you have complete control over your hairstyle.

For a casual and effortless appearance, simply apply Remold Fiber Sculptor to damp hair and tousle it for that perfectly messy yet stylish look. If you prefer a more polished and groomed appearance, apply it to dry hair using a comb to create volume and structure.

Sebastian Remold Fiber Sculptor is the go-to styling product for anyone seeking versatility and reliability. With just this one product, you can achieve any short hair look your heart desires. Say goodbye to multiple products cluttering your bathroom shelf and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Sebastian Remold Fiber Sculptor. Elevate your styling game and unlock endless possibilities for your short hair today.


  • High Hold: Sebastian Remold Fiber Sculptor offers a strong hold that keeps your short hair in place throughout the day. It provides the stability you need to maintain your desired style without worrying about it falling apart.

  • Low Shine: This styling product is formulated with a low shine finish, giving your hair a subtle and natural look. It avoids an overly glossy appearance, allowing your hairstyle to look effortlessly cool and modern.

  • Versatility: Remold Fiber Sculptor is designed to be versatile, catering to various hair styling preferences. Whether you want a messy, textured look or a sleek, groomed style, this product adapts to your needs, making it suitable for different occasions and moods.

  • Matte Finish: The subtle matte finish provided by Remold Fiber Sculptor adds depth and dimension to your hair. It creates a more natural and non-greasy appearance, ensuring your hairstyle looks stylish and refined.

How to use?

Take a dime sized amount and rub between hands evenly. Apply to hair from root to tip, using extra to combat unruly cowlicks and strands. Apply to dry hair for high hold low shine styles; style with hands for messy bed head styles or with a comb for more a more defined, stylized look. Apply to wet hair and air dry for big, slick beach hair all day long, or apply to wet hair and blow dry for rigid, head-hugging style! Just keep mixing it up until you find that perfect unique style you can wear as your own.

Customer Reviews

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Michael A.
Sebastian Molding Mud is the best!

I have been using Sebastian Molding Mud for 33 years and it keeps my hair exactly in place and my hair feel as thought there is no product on it. It is the best hair product I have ever used.


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