neuBlonde platinum shampoo 8.5oz / 250ml



neuBlonde platinum shampoo 8.5oz / 250ml

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Product description

Neuma neuBlonde platinum shampoo 8.5oz / 250ml

Neuma neuBlonde Platinum Shampoo is a groundbreaking shampoo that enhances and brightens highlighted, high-lift, platinum and silver hair by using natural spirulina, violet and grape skin extracts rather than 100% artificial colorants. This unique formula, created for daily use, gently cleanses while toning brassiness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Grape Skin Pigment Extract: Utilizes Red, Blue and Black natural pigments to cool tones and neutralize brassy ones
  • Extra Gentle, Unpreserved Natural Surfactants: Smooth and protect all hair conditions – making it more manageable and easier to detangle

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