Awapuhi Shampoo Original Wash





Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Original Shampoo

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Original Shampoo offers the lush lather and moisturizing goodness of Awapuhi shampooes.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Original Shampoo brightens hair by removing unwanted dirt and buildups that dull your hair.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Original Shampoo is color safe and perfect for all hair types daily use.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Original Shampoo thoroughly cleanses your hair without wearing it down or drying it up by balancing the moisture in your hair.

delivers a refreshing cucumber melon scent with soft floral notes.

Key features

  • Lush lather
  • For all hair types especially fine hair
  • Thoroughly cleansing power
  • Remove dirt and buildups
  • Brighten up after every wash
  • Refreshing scent
  • Ideal for daily use

How to use?

  1. Apply to wet hair
  2. Lather and massage
  3. Rinse well
  4. Repeat if needed

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