KF94 Dust Mask (Black/White) (S/M/L)


KF94 Mask



High filtration KF94 offers protection for the respiratory system from yellow dust, fine dust, harmful particle substances and sources of infection.

The South Korean version of an N95 mask. These masks, which are slightly different from N95s and KN95s, still offer high-level protection and easier breathing. 

This design is a 3D Stereoscopic or "fish shape" is ergonomically designed for comfort. Similar in design to the 3M 9322K+ but utilizes ear loops instead of 2 over head straps.

Box of 50 individually sealed.

Available in black or white.

Sizes available:

  • Small 185mm x 137mm (±10mm) - Suitable for young youth and women with small face
  • Medium - 197mm x 140mm (±10mm) - Suitable for youth and women
  • Large - 205mm x 160mm (±10mm) - Suitable for regular adult

Available in Extra Small size for children.

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