REPAIR-ME.RINSE Strengthening Conditioner





REPAIR-ME.RINSE Strengthening Conditioner


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Product description

Kevin Murphy REPAIR-ME.RINSE Strengthening Conditioner

Your Ultimate Solution for Dry and Brittle Hair

Is your hair longing for restoration and strength? Say goodbye to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair with KEVIN.MURPHY revolutionary REPAIR-ME.RINSE Strengthening Conditioner. Immerse your tresses in a deeply nourishing experience that rejuvenates and rebuilds, leaving your hair visibly transformed. REPAIR-ME.RINSE is more than just a conditioner – it's a restorative masterpiece. Specially formulated for dry, damaged, and over-processed hair, it's your go-to solution for repairing and renewing your locks. REPAIR-ME.RINSE advanced formula harnesses the power of 'soft-state proteins' and enzymes to delicately coat each strand, infusing it with much-needed moisture and strength.

Benefits You'll Love:

  • Nourish & Replenish: Transform your hair with a luxurious blend of proteins and enzymes that work harmoniously to replenish and rejuvenate. Wave goodbye to dull, lifeless locks and embrace the beauty of revitalization.
  • Smooth & Strong: Experience a newfound smoothness and strength that sets your hair apart. REPAIR-ME.RINSE leaves your hair feeling sleek, supple, and ready to conquer any style.
  • Manageability & Brilliance: Tame unruly tresses with ease as your hair becomes more manageable and lustrous. Embrace the confidence that comes with flaunting effortlessly beautiful hair.
  • Tailored for All: REPAIR-ME.RINSE is a versatile gem suitable for all hair types seeking targeted repair. Whether you have wavy, curly, or straight hair, it's your key to unlocking gorgeous, vibrant locks.
  • Sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free.

Kevin’s Tip:

''Part of our REPAIR regimen, REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE are a must-have duo for intense repair – you can either use them as a hardworking, stand-alone double act to repair and restore frazzled locks or as part of our 3-part system with RE.STORE. What excites me about REPAIR-ME is the technology, which encapsulates a protein inside an enzyme, which then keeps the protein in a lipid or ‘softened state’. This helps keep the protein soft and wobbly, which allows it to fit within the damage site exactly – a little bit like a key fits inside a lock – the end result from these ‘soft’ proteins is… soft, soothed, repaired hair.''

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