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Sweet Meches

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Product description

L'Oreal Professionnel Sweet Meches

Sweet Mèches strips are incredibly versatile, seamlessly complementing various highlighting and slicing techniques. These strips effectively isolate specific strands or sections, allowing lightening pastes to work their magic precisely and evenly. With a gentle approach that respects the integrity of the hair fiber, they deliver a beautiful lightening effect.

Features and Benefits

Sweet Mèches strips are perfectly adapted for all highlighting and slicing techniques with Blond Studio Platinium lightening pastes. They can also be used with all other L'Oréal Professionnel lightening or colouring products.


  1. Make a separation in the hair
  2.  Isolate the strands or sections to be lightened.
  3. Place a Sweet Meches paper that has been pre-coated with product under the stands to be lighted
  4.  Apply and work the Blond Studio Platinium lightening mixture, then place a second Sweet Mèches paper of the same length on top


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