Tail comb 8" Altius 72506 Black



Tail comb 8" Altius 72506 Black

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Product description

Tail comb 8" Altius

Altius designer styling combs are made of the finest quality material and mold technology. Offers comfort and performace for the professionals and consumers.

What is a rat tail comb

A rat or a pin tail comb is a type of comb with a long, thin handle and a pointed, tapered end. It is designed to be used in styling and grooming hair, as the pointed end allows for precise application of product and precise parting.

Features & Benefits

  • Weight: 12.2 grams approx.
  • Size: 20.3 cm approx.
  • Made in South Korea

What is a tail comb used for

Rat tail combs are ideal for sectioning off and separating hair for styling and achieving intricate looks, as the pointed tip allows for precise application of product to the hair and precise parting. They are also great for teasing the hair to create volume, as well as for creating tight updos and intricate braids.

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