Dry Shampoo 60ml / 2oz



Dry Shampoo 60ml / 2oz

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Product description

Verb Dry Shampoo (Gentle Clean + Light Volume)

Introducing the Verb Dry Shampoo, the perfect solution for refreshing your hair and revitalizing your look in between washes. With its gentle clean and light volume, this dry shampoo is a game-changer for those seeking a quick and convenient way to keep their hair looking fresh and vibrant.

Say goodbye to oily roots and hello to renewed body and volume. The Verb Dry Shampoo effectively removes excess oil and impurities from your hair, instantly revitalizing it and restoring a clean and refreshed appearance. No more worrying about greasy or lackluster hair between washes.

Not only does this dry shampoo refresh your hair, but it also boosts body, adding volume and texture to your locks. Say hello to bouncy, voluminous hair that looks and feels full of life. Enjoy the confidence of luscious, revitalized hair with a quick spritz of the Verb Dry Shampoo.

In addition to its refreshing and volumizing properties, this dry shampoo also helps prevent damage caused by frequent washing and styling. By reducing the need for excessive washing, you can protect your hair from the potential harm of daily cleansing routines. Embrace a healthier hair care routine and let your locks thrive.

One of the standout features of the Verb Dry Shampoo is its non-whitening formula. Unlike some dry shampoos that leave behind a white residue, this formula is designed to be invisible on all hair colors. You can confidently use this dry shampoo without worrying about any unsightly white patches.

Revive your hair and enjoy a refreshed, voluminous look with the Verb Dry Shampoo. Experience the convenience of instantly absorbing impurities, boosting body, and preventing damage from washing and styling. Embrace a quick and efficient way to keep your hair looking its best. Order your Verb Dry Shampoo today and enjoy the benefits of a revitalized and energized hair routine.


  • instantly revitalizing and rejuvenating your locks. Say goodbye to greasy and lackluster hair, and hello to a fresh and clean look.

  • Oil Absorption: With its oil-absorbing properties, the Verb Dry Shampoo effectively removes excess oil from your hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and refreshed. Enjoy the confidence of oil-free hair without the need for water or traditional washing.

  • Boosts Body and Volume: This dry shampoo doesn't just clean your hair; it also adds body and volume to your locks. Experience a boost in texture and fullness, giving your hair a revitalized and voluminous appearance.

  • Damage Prevention: By reducing the need for frequent washing and styling, the Verb Dry Shampoo helps prevent damage caused by overexposure to water and heat. Embrace a healthier hair care routine and protect your hair from potential harm.

  • Non-Whitening Formula: Unlike some dry shampoos that leave behind a white residue, the Verb Dry Shampoo features a non-whitening formula. It is designed to be invisible on all hair colors, ensuring that no unwanted white patches are left behind, allowing for a seamless application.

How to use?

Divide hair into sections. Apply product into roots. Tilt bottle and lightly squeeze product along created part. Allow powder to set for 2 minutes. Massage scalp to create volume. Brush hair thoroughly until powder is evenly distributed. 


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