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Wet/Dry Foot File

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Product description

Silkline Wet / Dry Foot File

Silkline Wet / Dry Foot File is extra durable file that can last up to 3 months of professional use.

Silkline Wet / Dry Foot File is sanitizable with any chemical sanitizer.

Silkline Wet / Dry Foot File features the coarse side for dry foot to turn calluses into dust.

Silkline Wet / Dry Foot File features the smooth side for wet foot to smoothen your skin smooth and soft.

Silkline Wet / Dry Foot File is excellent for home use or professional use.

How to use?

Professional use (Before / After soaking feet)
  1. For before soaking feet
    1. Spray feet with alcohol first
    2. Let dry and file with the rough side
  2. For after soaking feet
    1. Completely dry the skin
    2. File with the rough size
  3. Apply your scrub and rinse
  4. Wet the file and use the smooth side
  5. Apply foot mask and hydrating lotion
 Home use
  1. File with the coarse side on dry skin
  2. Rinse feet and without drying feet
  3. Wet the file and smooth the skin with the smooth side
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