Y.S. Park Straight Shines Styler YS-602 Round brush



Y.S. Park Straight Shines Styler YS-602 Round brush

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Y.S. Park Straight Shines Styler YS-602 Round brush

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Meet the Y.S. Park Straight Shines Styler YS-602, a round brush that's doing things differently. This round brush isn't just any ordinary tool; it's a game-changer, a status quo shaker. Imported straight from Japan, this incredible round brush stands in a league of its own. As a round brush, it's designed to perfection with the most exquisite Japanese boar bristle and wood. The barrel, which houses a vented hollow core, is meticulously crafted for maximum air flow. This ensures your blow-dry styling is not only efficient but also leaves your hair looking fabulous. The round brush is 3 cm / 1.18" wide, making it the ideal size for creating effortless, glamorous curls. So, get your hands on this limited availability round brush and be part of the beauty revolution!

Barrel size is 3 cm / 1.18" wide


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