Acclaim Soft Acid Perm

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Acclaim Soft Acid Perm

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Product description

Zotos Acclaim Soft Acid Perm

For normal, tinted or highlighted hair.

Create the texture, volume and styles you've always desired.

Offers true-to-rod size curls with consistent predictable results.

Exclusive Zotosol conditioner replenishes and strengthen your hair for a healthy looking, shiny, smooth curls.

Provide optimal styling control and results.

Key Benefits

  • Texture, volume and style you desire

  • Low-pH, natural processing acid perm

  • Provides well-defined, workable curls

  • Luxurious manageability and shine

  • Locks in soft, natural body

  • Pleasantly fragranced

How to use?

  1. Shampoo and towel dry your hair before use
  2. Section hair and wrap with minimal tension
  3. Mix Activator and Waving Lotion
  4. Saturate each rod thoroughly and evenly
  5. Process with a plastic cap without heat or dryer
  6. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry
  7. Neutralize each curling roll with Neutralizer while saving 1/2 oz for later use
  8. Leave in for 5 minutes
  9. Gently remove rods and work in remaining Neutralizer for 1 minute
  10. Rinse thoroughly and wait for 48 hours before shampooing or conditioning

For professional use only. We carry no warranty, expressed or implied, if used by others. 


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