Clean Maniac Clean-touch Conditioner 250ml / 8.5oz


Specialty conditioner



Redken Clean Maniac Clean-touch Conditioner

Moisturize hair for a clean healthy feel.

Gently wash away pollution, styling build-up, excess lipid.

Silicon & sulphate free formula leaves hair bouncy and strong.

Patented odor neutralizing technology eliminates unpleasant odor from hair.

Anti-oxidant & UV filter protect your hair from externalities.

Enjoy your all-day fresh, lightweight, clean hair.

Key Benefits

  • Gel formula for a bare, clean feel
  • UV filter
  • Silicone & Sulphate free
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Odor neutralizing technology
  • Clean, Gentle, Protected


  1. Following Clean Maniac Micellar Shampoo
  2. Apply onto clean damp hair
  3. Distribute throughout the hair
  4. Rinse thoroughly

Pro tips

Use the complete Redken Clean Maniac system for best results.

-       Micellar Shampoo: Cleanse daily

-       Clean-touch Conditioner: Condition daily

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