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Free Play Clay Lightener

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Product description

Joico Free Play Clay Lightener 28g / 1oz

If you're tired of dealing with messy lighteners that don't deliver the results you desire, Joico Free Play Clay Lightener is the solution you've been waiting for. Say goodbye to drips, flakes, and uneven lifts. With Joico, you'll achieve effortlessly beautiful balayage and freehand creations every time, leaving you with nourished, healthy hair you'll love to show off.

Benefits & Features

Experience the revolutionary Joico Free Play Clay Lightener, a 28g/1oz wonder that transforms your hair coloring experience. Here's why it's a must-have:

  • Freehand and Balayage Masterpiece: Designed specifically for freehand and balayage techniques, this lightener elevates your creativity to new heights.
  • Mess-Free Application: Bid farewell to messy applications during open-air painting or processing with its no-drip formula.
  • Perfect Control: Achieve the perfect control and freedom you've been searching for, giving you the confidence to create stunning looks.
  • Up to 7 Levels of Lift: Enjoy up to 7 levels of lift without the hassle of foils, swelling, flaking, or bleeding.
  • Nourished, Healthy Hair: Keep your hair nourished and healthy while achieving the lift you desire.

What Makes It Stand Out

Unlike traditional lighteners, Joico Free Play Clay Lightener offers a superior experience with its no-drip formula, allowing for precise application and exceptional results. Its ability to lift up to 7 levels without the need for foils sets it apart, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Type: Clay Lightener
  • Weight: 28g / 1oz
  • Recommended Technique: Freehand or Balayage
  • Lift: Up to 7 levels
  • Application: Dry hair
  • Processing Time: Up to 60 minutes at room temperature
  • Rinse: Thoroughly after processing
  • Maintenance: Shampoo and condition regularly for best results


  1. Mix 1:1 – 1:2 of one full packet with Veroxide 
  2. Apply to dry hair
  3. Process up to 60 minutes at room temperature
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Shampoo and condition

Ready to elevate your hair coloring game? Purchase Joico Free Play Clay Lightener now and unleash your creativity with confidence!

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